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TruLogic is a full-service provider for standards-based publishing and utilizes a variety of international and industry-specific specifications such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical commission (IEC), Department of Defense (DOD), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and many others.  Our highly skilled staff is qualified to assist customers in all areas associated with advanced document development and publishing processes:

Consultation - This service is offered to assist customers during critical planning phases in order to evaluate their present environment and provide information needed to efficiently migrate to advanced publishing.  Areas of concentration include Cost Benefit Analysis, Schedule Analysis, Conversion Planning, Systems Requirements Analysis, User Requirements Analysis, and Implementation Planning.

Specification Development - TruLogic offers our customers the option of either developing new specifications or modifying existing ones to meet their unique requirements for legacy information.  We can develop general and detailed content and format specifications, as well as the required Document Type Definitions (DTDs), Formatting Output Specification Instances (FOSIs), and Stylesheets.

Data Conversion - This service is one of TruLogic's primary capabilities.  We are able to accept a variety of input formats ranging from paper to complex proprietary authoring systems formats.  In addition, we utilized script-assisted conversion processes that significantly decrease the time required for "manual intervention".

System Development and Integration - The conversion and authoring tools TruLogic develops for internal use can be integrated into our information technology solutions.  In addition to the software tools, we also develop custom software applications for customers with special needs.

Maintenance, Publishing and Distribution - TruLogic offers complete interim data maintenance, publishing and distribution services to our customers to help ease the period of transition from conventional to advanced published environments.  We also offer a full line of post-conversion publishing services, including publishing to reproducible-quality paper and electronic publishing formats such as CD-ROM based Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs) and Web-based viewing applications.

Proof of Concept - Proof of concept involves the actual development of a scaled-down version of a desired system to determine the practicality and feasibility of developing the production system.  This prototype system helps identify what DTDs need to be modified and/or developed, the conversion scripts/processes that need to be designed and developed, and demonstrates the anticipated functionality of the system.

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