DataAggregator® Framework

The TruLogic DataAggregator® IETM framework provides the next generation of IETM capability while being lightweight, extensible, and easy to install. DataAggregator® was designed to operate with the software installed on default government computers without needing to install a host of other applications. The framework was specifically designed to operate within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC). This FDCC configuration is essential for government network and operating system security. FDCC compliance is mandatory on many of our US Government programs. TruLogic maintains a current certification for use on standard desktop systems connected to the Air Force Global Information Grid (AF-GIG). The application has been placed on the Air Force Evaluated/Approved Products List (AF E/APL). The current certification is valid through 24 January 2017.

This IETM framework provides the capability of aggregating volumes of technical data into a single easily accessible location using standards based and non-standards based methodologies. It will display portable document format (PDF), any traditional ETM/IETM, advanced class IV/V IETMs (87269 and S1000D) and any document file format recognized by the resident computer. Technical documentation can reside in many different formats. A framework that can aggregate any number and type of documents is not only convenient, it's essential.

DataAggregator® has the capability of providing secure server communication. This allows for attaining event based maintenance task lists and work events for custom task generation. The framework can communicate with a server or if necessary be configured to interface directly with Optimized Organization Maintenance Activity (OOMA).

With DataAggregator's® sophisticated level of communication, it can connect to aircraft and maintenance equipment through appropriate computer peripherals to read diagnostic codes and other critical information. Based on these codes a specific task or task list can be generated to drive custom maintenance activities.

Current Version: 2.1.6

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