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TruLogic has no teammembers on the seaport-e contract.

TruLogic specializes in providing advanced information technology solutions to the challenges associated with document publication, presentation and management. We are a full-service provider for standards-based publishing utilizing a variety of international and industry-specific specifications such as ISO, IEC, DOD, and ANSI. Our highly skilled staff is qualified to assist customers in all areas associated with advanced document development and publishing processes.

TruLogic is comprised of employees with a vast amount of experience in relation to technical data. We possess the experience of the end user, in the form of Air Force aircraft maintenance experience and well-seasoned technical writing staff. Our technical writing staff understands the data and the markup languages. We have the experience of programmers who have dedicated their careers to markup technology in the area of US Air Force, US Navy, and commercial data better than any SGML/XML consulting or conversion firm. We know that a solid knowledge of how technical data works in a maintenance environment is essential to providing good services.

Past 3 Years Experience

Seaport-e Related

TruLogic provided software development in the area of converting paper E-6 wiring diagrams to interactive schematics with intelligent graphics that can be linked to the E-6 Electronic Technical Manuals (ETM). The electronic version of the E-6 Wiring Diagrams will allow the E-6B fleet maintainers to better troubleshoot wiring discrepancies and decrease down time of the aircraft.


TruLogic has provided the E-6 program with on-going support to aid in the organic maintenance of the program's Electronic Technical Manuals (ETM). This support centers around the use of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), electronic publishing, and data maintenance. TruLogic has provided software upgrades to the ETM as well, to add more functionality such as linking to video, PDF files, etc.

For the past 6 years, TruLogic has provided change/revision service for approximately 10 of GE Aviation's jet engines. This service includes authoring and updating technical manuals, electronic publishing using TruLogic's in-house publishing tools, and IETM enhancements based on government request.

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