Our Focus

TruLogic's primary focus is the customer. We work hard to make sure every deadline is met, every question is answered, and all requirements are satisfied. We believe good products come from good communication and well defined requirements. Our outstanding customer relationships contribute heavily to our top-rate applications.

Our focus on technology also contributes to our success. TruLogic specializes in the development and application of advanced information technologies associated with the maintenance, management, publication and exchange of technical information in a non-proprietary environment. In other words, we find ways to apply complicated data exchange technologies to result in user-friendly viewing/publishing systems for technical data.....much like an Internet website might be designed to present information, print information and "link" to other relevant information/websites. To that end, our collective experience and key resources are concentrated around leading-edge, international standards-based technologies such as XML and SGML.

TruLogic excels at making technical data useful and rapidly accessible. This is something we continually strive for. We develop applications that take into account how the data is supposed to be used. We understand that data may be organized in a manner that supports client-unique training programs or specific work environments. Above all, our focus is the customer and end user of our applications.

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