Our Methodology

TruLogic extends the value and reusability of critical data by implementing (and often improving upon) advanced information technologies such as SGML, XML, and HyTime. Documents that are encoded using standard markup languages may be exchanged with a growing number of different authoring, publication, document management and viewing systems, whereas a document void of intelligent markup must remain in it's native (and usually proprietary) system. Richly "tagged" data offers many avenues to reuse, including the economical transformation of the data to a format that supports viewing of the data in commonly available web browsers like MS Internet Explorer. TruLogic's experience and expertise in utilizing international standards-based technologies, combined with our detailed understanding and appreciation of technical content, format and usability of the information being published, is largely unique within the IT industry.


TruLogic's typical customer:

  • Has massive amounts of data that may change frequently

  • Has core data that is referenced/applicable to multiple documents

  • Has data that has been developed (more or less) to documented format/content standards

  • Has data that was authored/published by a variety of different sources

  • Has data that exists in both paper and digital formats

  • Has complex data distribution, storage, management and control problems


A program that is representative of the services we perform for Operation, Maintenance, and Parts information might include:

  • Data conversion

  • Publication of MIL-SPEC and/or commercial format reproducible copy

  • Development and fielding of an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual/Publication (IETM/IETP) System

  • Distribution of IETM/IETP systems via CD-ROM, DVD, Intranet or Internet.

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