DataAxisTM Document Management System

TruLogic developed the DataAxisTM Document Management System specifically for the use of storing and retrieving SGML technical manual data. TruLogic searched for several years for a system that could properly manage SGML technical manual data without "holding it hostage" with proprietary processes. After an exhausting and unsuccessful search, TruLogic developed DataAxisTM. The system was designed based on our own experience with military technical manuals maintained in SGML. The system allows us to take a standards-based approach to data management. Information concerning common data and data re-use is stored in the SGML itself, not the document management system. Data can easily be exported without losing any of its intelligence. This means that when new technology comes along, the data will not be locked into an aging system.

Though the system was designed to support SGML data, DataAxisTM can handle storing and controlling any type of data. The system can store an unlimited number of data collections. TruLogic currently uses this technology in-house to maintain and store large volumes of data for our critical front-line customers.

The DataAxisTM Document Management System allows maintainers/authors the ability to check documents in and out of the system, providing much needed configuration control of documents. It also stores a complete history with each document so that a maintainer/author can easily access prior versions.

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