Product Overview

In addition to our robust IETM systems, TruLogic has designed and developed a number of modules to support program-specific technical data, unique maintenance environments and mission requirements. These maintenance-oriented utilities and IETM navigation interfaces are designed to augment and enhance the technical data and to increase the speed of access using a variety of user-level navigation interfaces.

For example, our Graphical Navigation Interface (GNI) provides a rapid visually oriented method to navigate to specific parts lists, installation and removal, and inspection procedures. This method of navigation has proven to be much more efficient and reliable than standard methods of navigation like Table of Contents and Reference Indexes for complex end items and subassemblies. Our customers have reported that new users and trainees are quick to adapt to these alternate methods of IETM navigation.

We can easily add in various pull down pick lists, component navigation-enabled line art, two way linking, and other user-friendly tools that help make the IETM system work for the user instead of making the user a slave to a difficult to navigate data library.

Our IETM systems include by default an extremely powerful and fast search across all manuals feature with very intuitive search hit reporting integrated into the Table of Contents. This search feature is used extensively by maintenance personnel but also by the data managers, engineers, logistians, manufacturers, etc.

On the publishing side, we have developed a number of products dedicated to performing various automated QA operations on SGML/XML technical data such as graphic and table validation products. Our two flagship products, the DataAxisTM Document Management System and the TruView IETM PublisherTM have accomodated customers in the DoD and commercial arenas.

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