TruLogic's technical writing staff has several years of experience working with a wide variety of technical documentation. For nearly a quarter of a century, TruLogic has been providing reliable change and revision services for our customers complex technical data. TruLogic is quite frequently requested to "recover" failed or outdated existing SGML/XML programs. We can take your existing SGML/XML data and make it work in an environment that meets your needs.

Our staff is very experienced with authoring and sustainment during and after large data conversion projects. It is very common for programs to digitize and convert data without having a plan for "post-conversion". We can help with those issues by offering the capability of maintaining and storing the data. This can be a temporary or permanent arrangement.

All work is performed in-house, by US citizens within in our Beavercreek, Ohio facility. This is an important consideration when dealing with export controlled data or otherwise sensitive data.

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