Consulting Services

TruLogic offers consultation services to cover all aspects of standards-based publishing, but specializes in planning/assisting customer migration to SGML.  To that end, we help our customers evaluate their present environment and provide them the information they need to efficiently migrate to advanced publishing.  Areas of particular interest are:

Schedule Analysis - an in-depth look at the step-by-step processes required to transition the customer from current publishing environments to their target; evaluate customer's delivery need dates and end-item modification schedules; determine applicable in-process document update cycles and source data cutoff milestones; identify the critical schedule areas and introduce possible backup alternatives, etc.

Conversion Planning - perform document analysis to determine how well the legacy data conforms to the target specification and therefore, the extent of specification or document rework required; document repair, error correction, estimated cost of specification customization, and schedule impact, etc.

Systems Requirements Analysis - analyze hardware and software requirements based on customer's unique specifications; current and future user environments; review document management systems, emergency backup and configuration control processes; and information distribution/exchange requirements.

Implementation Planning - evaluate processes for maintaining the data, based on current engineering practices and deficiency reporting; determine document management and handling processes; evaluate distribution needs and determine streamline information distribution processes.

User Requirements Analysis - determine how the presentation system can be augmented to ease the use of the information or support additional functionality; identify systems that need to be integrated with the publishing, distribution, viewing applications; determine what layers of training are required for the different levels of users, maintainers, and managers.

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