Data Conversion

Efficient and complete data conversion is one of TruLogic's real strengths. We possess significant document conversion experience that includes some of the most complex technical documents in use today. We are able to accept an extensive variety of input formats ranging from paper to complex, proprietary authoring systems.

We work very closely with our customer's technical representatives during the critical conversion process. A common issue when working with decades-old data is the technical and formatting discrepancies that may have existed for many years. These issues come to light when the data is entered into an intelligent document structure. The customer will have the opportunity to address and correct these issues as they are identified during the conversion effort.

One very important business aspect of TruLogic is that we perform all conversion work in-house. This is an attractive consideration for our customers possessing technical data of a sensitive nature. TruLogic maintains a competitive edge by relying heavily on script-assisted conversion processes. We develop and maintain our own library of software routines that are used to identify and convert specific areas within the technical documents. By leveraging this automated approach, we decrease the time required for "manual intervention", as well as ensure consistent results.

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