DTD/Schema Development

A Document Type Definition (DTD) is the formal specification for the structure/architecture of an SGML/XML document. Schemas are an alternative to XML DTDs and are used in many XML applications. TruLogic offers our customers the option of either developing new DTDs and/or Schemas, or modifying existing ones to meet their requirements for unique and valuable legacy information that may deviate from existing standards. Our staff has many years of combined experience developing both general and detailed content and format specifications, as well as the required DTDs, Formatting Output Specification Instances (FOSIs - for paper output) and Stylesheets (for electronic presentation). In many cases, a great deal of time and money may be saved by making modifications versus reauthoring hundreds or thousands of documents. By performing a detailed document and specification analysis, we can determine where the modifications may be necessary to accept customer-unique legacy formats without sacrificing compliance with mandatory international standards.

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